It's been exactly 25 years since the world lost one of its greatest artists. Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat passed away from a drug overdose at 27 on August 12, 1988. The Brooklyn born artist started in the streets and meteorically rose through the art scene to collaborate with Andy Warhol and is still seemingly referenced in every other hip hop song.

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child is a documentary made by Tamra Davis that celebrates his brash genius, details his mysteries and examines his raw and gritty masterpieces that fully represented Neo-expressionism. The documentary which was released in 2010 features a rare interview by Basquiat himself, an interview he made with Davis in 1985 when he was 25 and wasn't seen by anyone for over 20 years. It's a glimpse into true artistic genius.


You can watch the documentary on Netflix. Basquiat would have been 52-years-old if he was still alive today. [Netflix]