Joe Manganiello Got the Deathstroke Job Due to Some Good Fan Art

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Next time you make some fan art of your favorite actor playing an adaptation of a beloved character, just remember: there’s a possibility you could be helping that person land a job.

That, at least, seems to be the moral of recent reports that Joe Manganiello got his role in Justice League (and the DCEU itself, if and when Deathstroke appears again) thanks to fan art. According to information from the DC Cinematic Reddit, Joe Manganiello revealed on stage at Melbourne Oz Comic-Con that art by Boss Logic helped him land the role. According to the report, Jon Berg found the art on Google and considered it when making Manganiello the offer.


The art in question is likely this mock-up, which Boss Logic put together all the way in 2015:


That’s pretty cool, honestly! Nice to know that fan works matter. Now we just need to know when we’ll be seeing Deathstroke again.

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