Joss Whedon endorses Mitt Romney for president of the zombie apocalypse

With less than two weeks until the US presidential election, director Joss Whedon decides to toss in his two cents. But what starts as a Mitt Romney anti-endorsement quickly morphs into a parody of hyperbolic political ads. Which candidate will put us on the fastest path to the zombie apocalypse? And which candidate will mandate parkour in public schools?


[via Comic Book Movie]



OK, let's see how the two behaved in the past. When the daughter of one of Romneys employees with a serious medical condition went missing in NYC, Romney shut down all the offices, paid to have all the Bain employees sent to NYC where they all searched until she was found. And let's ignore the three of four years that Romney personally paid for 7,000 servings of milk every day for veterans who needed care and food.

Now Obama, when his Ambassador was cornered and attacked by organized terrorists, two former Seals and most likely CIA assets, against orders to stand down, went to help and even though Carrier based jets were less than an hour away and Obama had predators overhead with live video from above and the standard hardened communications voice, video and data from all overseas locations, when four Americans were captured, sodomized and killed, Obama went to bed so he would be fresh for his parties in Vegas the next day.

Yep, Obama is a great choice, unless you are one of those "bumps in the road".

Whedon is backing the Blue and fighting the Browncoats.