The New iPhone(s) Are Officially Coming Sept. 10th

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After a false start, the Apple invites are officially out. The new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are going to be announced Sept. 10th, as expected. And at least one of them is going to be the rainbow bounty we'd been hoping for.


As is often the case, Apple has infused its invite with a not so subtle clue about what we can expect. The colorful dots are likely the palette that the iPhone 5C will come in, and they should "brighten everyone's day" because they are, er, colorful. Or it's a reference to the glittering gold champagne iPhone 5S that's coming down the pike. Or there's some sort of iFlashlight that's going to revolutionize the... flashlight... industry?

The event will be held at Apple's Cupertino headquarters instead of its usual Yerba Buena Center fête; that's not entirely out of the blue, though, as Apple last played a home game for the similarly iterative iPhone 4S. You can expect preorders to come soon after, with shipments arriving on Sept 20th.

Otherwise, the details of what we're expecting haven't changed much since AllThingsD first reported that Sept 10th would be the day of the big reveal. You can check out our overview here, or see our in-depth iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C rumor roundups. The only thing that's certain? There won't be many surprises. [Twitter]



just me or does one of the color appear to be clear?