Justin Bieber Has Dedicated Servers at Twitter

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Justin Bieber uses 3% of Twitter resources at any moment. According to a Twitter employee—talking to designer Dustin Curtis—Bieber has "racks of servers dedicated to him. I'm sure this will excite his haters (hello 4chan!) even more. Updated


Dustin confirmed to us that his tweet is not a joke. He was told about it by a Twitter employee. Since Bieber is almost a perennial trending topic, I'm not surprised. Still, and given the 180 million unique visitors every month, that's quite an achievement.

What is really important, however, is this: Now, every time that whale pops, you will have one more reason to slap him. [Twitter]

Updated: The Twitter employee told Dustin that most big users have their own dedicated Twitter servers. [Twitter]


Yinzers Are People Too

I think that this means racks of servers are needed to handle his load, not that they have servers set aside specifically for Bieber.

The nature of the twitterverse is such that Bieber could lose his popularity tomorrow and I could jump to Twitter stardom overnight, demanding those racks for my legions of followers and their incessant discussion of whether or not my thinning hair is super sexy or only kinda sexy.