Kara Is a Stunning Star Wars Short Film

For a seven-minute short, Joe Sill’s Kara packs in a lot of that essential Star Wars goodness—there are blaster shootouts, an X-Wing-TIE Fighter dogfight, and yes, the Force. But even amongt the grandeur and sand dunes, it’s a wonderfully intimate short story about a father and a daughter.


Although the production is a bit clunky here and there—especially in the CG dogfight sequences—Kara is in the end a touching story about a man, his child, and the downed Rebel pilot they discover on their journey to a nearby outpost. The intimacy through which it’s all framed is quite unlike what you expect from the sweeping Star Wars movies, but it certainly works in Sill’s favor here. It’s worth setting aside the time to watch this one, for sure.

[Vimeo Staff Picks, via CBR]



Some good stuff here. The acting is what sells it. These fan-fic shorts are getting more impressive all the time.