Okay, this is pretty damn amazing. Flickr User Joel Baker built the facade for Flynn's Arcade from Tron in 2012, but recently returned to his lego creation to fully flesh out the interior, turning it into a wonderfully detailed arcade for his Lego minifigures. Even the sign lights up!

Well, sort of - Baker recreated the neon effect by shining a black light on to Lego's neon bricks, creating a slightly hazy lighting effect that perfectly captures the glow of an active arcade. But he didn't just stop with the awesome exterior - the inside is now equally nifty, kitted out with 10 different arcade cabinets (each of which have functioning Lego coin slots for minifigures to spend their hard earned studs).

He even recreated the hidden entry to Flynn's lab, seen in Tron: Legacy too, which is great:


It's a shame he couldn't go even further and build the lab into the set too, but nonetheless, he's made an awesome Arcade to go with the rest of Lego's line of modular buildings. You can check out plenty more pictures on Joel's Flickr page.

[via The Brother's Brick]

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