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Krypton Loaded Up an Excellent Nod at Superman Actor Henry Cavill

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
You do you, Henry Cavill.
Gif: Paramount

It was one of the most talked about moments of last summer. The unnecessary, but undeniably cool, moment in Mission: Impossible - Fallout where Henry Cavill reloads his fists during a fight. Why? No reason. It’s just badass.

Long before that, of course, Cavill became a star playing Superman for DC Films. And this week a Superman-themed Syfy show paid homage to the moment.

In episode two of the second season of Krypton, Seg-El pulls a Kal-El and reloads his fists.


Here’s the full clip followed by a GIF created of the two side by side.


Totally nailed it, right?

Krypton airs Wednesday nights on Syfy.

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