ASUS' PG276 has the glory of being the largest 3D monitor so far to have been announced—measuring 27-inches, it's also joined by a 23-inch version, the VG236H. Both require NVIDIA's active glasses, due to the 3D being stereoscopic.

Both have 2ms response time, and double-speed 120Hz refresh rate. Meanwhile, ASUS also announced the ML Series of LED monitors, similar to the MS range, with the curved stand. Do you get the feeling ASUS' product-naming department kind of lost the will to live over this one? "Oh, it's got a really nice design, just whack an 'o' on the end of 'design' to make it sound appealing."


The Designo ML Series have a contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1, and likewise, a 2ms response time. No details on pricing or availability, but more details have been promised for us at the Computex launch in June. [TechRadar and SlashGear]

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