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Today is News Editor Eric Limer’s last day at Gizmodo. All week we’ve been saying RIP Limer, because in a few short hours (after a lot of drinks) he will be dead to us.


We kid, we kid. We wish him all the best at Popular Mechanics, a storied publication founded in 1902, when cutting-edge tech was powered by steam. Before we throw open this thread for the weekend, let’s take a trip down Limer memory lane.

His Chrome takedown took the internet by storm and his disdain for the Apple hype cycle is legendary, but when queried for comment, Limer’s personal faves skew to fun tech shenanigans and deconstructions:


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Now that we’re all good and trolled and twitching over GIFS, we invite you to relax to the dulcet sounds of The Earth Tones, U. Albany’s premiere all male acappella group. That’s our Limer, front and center and soloing. RIP. We will never forget.

Tell us what’s on your mind, and if you’re so inclined, share your memories of our dearly departed in the comments. Got a fitting send-off GIF?


Images by Ashley Feinberg

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Sometimes I read an article and think to myself, “Hey, cool article”. Then I’d see Limers face and take food away from my puppy.