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TGIF, Gizmodo citizens. Against all odds, we’ve made it to another Friday. Unless we’re stuck in some kind of time loop and we never left last Friday. Either way, it’s nearly the weekend. Pull up a chair and your beverage of choice. How the hell are you?


As you read this, I’m on a train to Hartford, CT, for a tiny break. Who vacations in Connecticut? I do, with a very specific destination: the Mark Twain House. I stopped by the House’s museum on a long-ago road trip, and haven’t been able to get the stately, spooky Victorian red-brick building out of my head since. This time around, I’m actually going to go inside, to hear the extended history of one of America’s greatest writers.

On display at the Twain complex is the Paige Typesetting machine — an infamously bad investment that cost Twain the equivalent of $5 million back in his day. In some academic estimations, the Paige disaster helped turn the world-renowned humorist into a ragingly pessimistic cynic. His ruined finances heralded the start of a series of personal tragedies for Twain from which he never really recovered. I’ll be sure to take pictures of this mechanical monstrosity for us all to enjoy.


What’s happening on your end? Was this a week most blessed or more like a horror movie? Do you get to unwind this weekend or is the trouble just beginning? Tell us everything.

Twain House parlor image via Flickr

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I saw the “Arsenal of Democracy” flyover today. Dozens of WW-II vintage aircraft flew over the national mall in DC. Veterans of the war saw the planes from the WW-II memorial. Very cool.