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Is it really Friday? You promise? What a week. Road warriors of Gizmodo, start your engines.

Everyone I know is talking about Mad Max: Fury Road with glowing, ecstatic praise that verges on hysterics. My feeds are full of superlatives and people saying they feel the way they did when Raiders of the Lost Ark or Star Wars first dropped.


“Perfection,” read several status updates. “HOLY SHIT.” io9’s Charlie Jane Anders thinks it’s pretty fucking rad, too. While this has definitely revved up my excitement to see the movie, I have to wonder if anything can now stand up to so much hype. Are you planning to see Mad Max this weekend? Or if you’ve seen it already, is it sublime?

Maybe the not-too-distant dystopic future isn’t your cup of tea. What’s going on where you are? Tell us what’s on your mind in the comments. We’re listening.


Gif via Sploid: Crazy Mad Max car shows how bad ass it is by scaling a sand wall

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