Greetings, friends. We made it to the weekend. Look at this tiny frog.

It feels like one of those weeks that flew past and also like it has taken so long that my brain is reduced to mush. Yeah, one of those. Today we learned that you can use Google search to determine just how racist your neighborhood is and that Microsoft killed a perfectly good way to free you from cable. Speaking of cable, you all kicked ass in explaining why you’re still hooked into the feed (or why not).


But let’s cut the cord for now and talk about other things. What’s going on where you are? What’s on your mind? See something crazy in the news that we missed? Big weekend plans or plans to hibernate, like me? How freaking small is that frog? Does the frog know his minute place in the universe?

[More on wee frogs from The Guardian]

Image via Luiz Fernando Ribeiro, CC BY SA

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