Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

Greetings, citizens of Gizmodo! It’s a holiday weekend in America—a time when we like to grill meats and blow stuff up. Here’s hoping you had the day off today or are moving into a badass weekend.

At Gizmodo we love pyrotechnics, the more explode-y the better. In the spirit of the 4th, here’re a few links to get you in the mood: watch a drone shoot fireworks at people. Design your own simulated fireworks show, no risk of scorched limbs. Check out the show of lights over Beijing for Chinese New Year, because we know America doesn’t have a monopoly on colorful rockets. And of course, gaze upon the US government’s horrifying video about how to stay firework-safe, complete with mutilated dummies.


So how are you? Long week? Big plans for the weekend or plans to kick back? Gonna set anything on fire? Tell us what’s on your mind in commentland.

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