Like how we’re gonna skip Fantastic Four this weekend.

After two brilliant and disparaging reviews by Will Leitch on Deadspin and Charlie Jane Anders on io9, there’s no way I’m dishing out $15 to see FF (yeah, $15 is now the cost of a movie in NYC—more for 3D). Then there’s director Josh Trank’s woe-is-me deleted Tweet, where even he seemed to agree the movie being released sucks.


This is a shame, because I love superhero movies. If you’re also sad, lift your spirits by watching the trailer for the Roger Corman-produced, unreleased 1994 Fantastic Four that is a mind-boggling batshit wonder of zany filmmaking choices. If you have a lot of substances on hand, consider watching that movie instead of Trank’s. You can thank me later.

What’re your weekend plans? What’s on your mind? It’s open thread time!

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