And lo, the weekend did arise, and descend upon the good people of Gizmodo.

The big news in tech this week was Apple’s iPhone (and giant iPad/talking TV/OMG WTF a stylus) keynote. You can review our coverage here. While we’re on it, which phone should you buy?


Fun stuff today: a gun attachment that makes bullets non-lethal, a look into where aliens might be in our galaxy, kayaking from Florida to Cuba, dispense treats to your pet from afar, and plans for the world’s first head transplant.

I can’t stop watching this video of the last surviving 9/11 rescue dog, 16-year-old Bretagne, being treated to a hero’s birthday party in NYC. On a difficult day, this is a wonderful thing to see.

Sorry, I think there’s something in my eye.

How are you fine folks? Plans for the weekend or good riddances to the week? What’s on your mind?


Top image: Texas Task Force