Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

Reviews Editor Sean Hollister is leaving us today. To which I say: HOW DARE YOU, SIR?

Readers of Gizmodo know Sean to be an excellent writer and an astute critic always ready to tell the truth behind the gadgets we covet. His laser-like focus, extensive tech knowledge and wry wit also make him an awesome editor. I’m very sad to see Sean depart (WHY, SEAN, WHY? I WAS JUST ABOUT TO BUY A WINDOWS 10-ENABLED LAPTOP. I NEED YOUR HELP) but I’m happy to present some of his favorite posts for your reading pleasure:

Sean’s future plans are Top Secret, but rest assured you’ll still be able to read him on the Internets. Join me in raising a glass—or a drone—to wishing Sean the best as he heads out (RIP SEAN. FOREVER IN OUR VIRTUAL HEARTS).

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