Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

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There are two kinds of people in this world: those who have been planning their Halloween costume for ages, and those, like me, who scramble to buy some kind of hat day-of so that they can attend a party.


I still don’t have a Halloween costume, and I will most likely throw together something lame last-minute. Today I enjoyed the hell out of The Onion article “Conceptual Genius Goes As Self For Halloween,” and am wondering if I can get away with such a ploy.

You may, however, be one of the creative costuming types. I have a friend who has been sending updates of her costume for weeks, delighting in each part of its growing creation. Where did some of us veer off? Did we get crappy candy hauls or have a traumatic wardrobe malfunction as children?


Anyway, I encourage those so costumed amongst us to post pictures, or suggestions for last-minute ideas to get the rest of us out of the house on Halloween. And since it’s Friday, consider this a gif party.

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I have been very efficient in my work recently. Leaving on time from my office on workdays, with no extra work on weekends.

But on this very weekend, because of my boss incompetence to defend a timeline I will have to work my ass for the next 72 hrs.

No Halloween for me. This sucks.