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Now booting up your weekend...

It’s Friday in the land of Gizmodo, driven home by the fact that all of the top stories right now feature distractingly watchable videos from our friends at Sploid:


The end of the week is in the air. So how was it? Big plans for the weekend, or little plans? What’s on your mind?

Do you have a GIF that represents how your week went?

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Ladies and gentlemen, my landlords.

No, it’s not what you’re expecting. Here’s the deal: my cash-flow situation has, as of late, been not so hot. I left a 14-year consulting affiliation in 2013, and a six-month consulting gig from April through September never really delivered the full-time work it was supposed to. Things have been thin since.

In fact, I haven’t paid October’s rent yet, so the situation is pretty dire.

I just found out, much to my surprise (because of all the time I’ve spent being self-employed) that I qualify for unemployment compensation. It’s not a lot, but it will let me pay weekly towards rent until I’m caught up in December. Which is fantastic news for me.

I drew up a card with a payment schedule, so the couple I’ve rented from for 18 years (!) can know exactly when I’ll be square with what I owe. (I’m single, and the rent is low enough that it doesn’t make a damn bit of sense to buy a house – not that I could, anyway.) I just got back from visiting them.

I explained the situation, and tried to give them the schedule, but they didn’t want to hear it. “We want you to be okay. We want you to eat well! Don’t worry about it – we know you’ll pay when you can.”

So there you have it – I have the kindest landlords on the face of the earth. Did I mention I’m a musician/artist? So I’m no stranger to sketchy finances. At this point, I have lottery fantasies (not even for my benefit!) so that I can drop a load of cash on them in gratitude. These are the things I think about.

Right now, I’m having a beer, my mind free of imminent eviction worries, my cat happy and warm, and I just wanted to share how lucky I am to be renting from saints.