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Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

Illustration for article titled Lets Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

American Gizmodo readers have made it through another Thanksgiving, and for international readers, it’s a regular old Friday. What’s going on?


If you live in America, today is Black Friday, an orgy of shopping, deal-hunting and generalized chaos. Or maybe you skipped out on all that and saw a movie or slept in with a food coma or had to work.

If you live elsewhere, soon you will be freed from having to hear about gluttonous table spreads or rabid shopping trips at least until Christmas.


How are you, fine citizens of Gizmodo? Did you have a Thanksgiving catastrophe or revelation, if you Thankgiving’d? What else were you reading, seeing, and pondering this week?

Top image: South Park, “Helen Keller the Musical,” the best Thanksgiving extravaganza ever.

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I really wish there wasn’t a thousand fucking black friday posts on every fucking gawker sites front page right now.