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2016. Exciting times. Lots of great things could happen. The future is a blank slate. I have about 24 different New Years resolutions that I’m sure will last at least a week or two.


Gizmodo is flying out to Las Vegas for CES. Anything you guys excited for or would like us to keep an eye out? We’ll be doing lots of Periscoping questions and you might even get to see one of us lose money at Blackjack in real time! More details to follow.

Other than that, I’m just nursing this hangover and getting slightly obsessed over this idea that Rey from TFA is actually a Kenobi. IS SHE A KENOBI?!

So how’s your guys’ 2016 so far? Let’s have a chat.

Image via me @ Coney Island. It was as janky/awesome as you’d think. [Shot with a Nexus 6P]


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