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LG Made Its Rollable Keyboard More Useful By Adding a Fifth Row of Keys

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

All the predictive text and auto-correct tricks in the world can’t make a touchscreen keyboard as usable as a physical set of keys. LG has updated one of the most portable Bluetooth keyboards available with an extra row of keys so that it no longer requires an extra key press to type numbers.

The original Rolly keyboard, which, as the name implies, rolls up so that it’s incredibly compact and easy to stash in a bag, has only four rows of keys, which accommodates the standard QWERTY layout plus a spacebar below it. Numbers are combined with the top row of alphabet characters, which isn’t ideal for touch typists.


Enter the LG Rolly 2 which adds a fifth row of dedicated number keys. It also now rolls into an elongated pentagon instead of a square, so it’s slightly larger than the original when folded away. But compared to keyboards that just fold in half, it’s still one of the most compact options available.


The single AAA-battery powered Rolly 2—available starting in South Korea for about $112—can now connect up to three Bluetooth devices at one time, whereas the original could only handle two. However, because of its flexible rolling design, you’re still limited to using it on a flat and sturdy surface—unless you’re hoping to be as frustrated as you were with a touchscreen.

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