America: land of the free, home of the most internet porn in the universe. According to a study, the U.S. of A hosts 60 percent—or 428 million pages—of the world's porn.

The data was collected by Paul Walsh of a company called Metacard. He found that the U.S. is second only to the Netherlands, which has 187 million pages for a population of 17 million porn-hungry people. The U.K. came in third with 52 million naughty pages, or about one for every person. Germany was fourth with 8 million pages.


Apparently Holland took the second space because hello! It's Holland, it's sexually liberal, and many of the web hosting companies are located there, and not regulated much at all, meaning they can make loads of cash. The Netherlands is also home to AMSIX, or the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, which is the world's biggest data transport, handling 10 percent of the planet's online traffic.

Sure, the U.S. is falling behind in education, obesity, debt, intelligence, natural resources, etc.. But the important thing is it's winning in porn, with California leading our nation in smut production. Mission Accomplished. USA! USA! USA! USA! [IBTimes via BetaBeat]