Live at Macworld: Pixound Jam Studio Turns Art into Music

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Give Pixound Jam Studio an image or video, and it creates a soundtrack. Granted, a soundtrack that comes close to Aphex Twin rearranging John Cage, but it's listenable if you fiddle with your settings. Jam Studio follows your cursor over an image and translates color channels into sound channels. When I played with it, I got harmonious clicks and buzzes, and if I swept my cursor around rythmically, I could almost enjoy the music.

As with any medium, you can't make a masterpiece in your first five minutes, but with some practice, Jam Studio could render some pleasant soundscapes with a meaningful mathematical basis. The software has no practical use at the moment, but it could be a boon for artist relations and even work its way into artworks themselves.

Jam Studio is available for free beta testing on MacOS 10.3 or above. Plans for a Windows version are uncertain.


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