Logan Heads to the Bayou in the Second Season of Stitcher's Wolverine Podcast

The cover image for the second season of Stitcher’s Wolverine podcast.
The cover image for the second season of Stitcher’s Wolverine podcast.
Image: Stitcher

It looks like Wolverine is leaving the snow and heading for the swamps. Stitcher has announced a new season of Marvel’s X-Men podcast Wolverine: The Lost Trail, with Richard Armitage (The Hobbit) set to reprise the role of Logan.


According to a press release, Stitcher is following up the debut season of its X-Men podcast, Wolverine: The Long Night, with a new 10-episode season that puts Logan front and center as he searches for missing people in the heart of the bayou. Here’s the trailer for the upcoming season.

This season brings Logan to New Orleans, where he finds that several humans and mutants have disappeared, including his ex-girlfriend, Maureen. While evading Weapon X, Logan teams up with a teenage boy named Marcus, whose own mother has gone missing, to find out what’s going on—bringing them to the front door of Greenhaven, a refuge run by a mutant named Jason Wyngarde. Is this truly a safe place for mutants, or is there something dark lurking in Greenhaven? Only one way to find out.

Wolverine: The Lost Trail debuts on Stitcher Premium on March 25, with each episode airing weekly, and the entire season will be released across all podcast platforms later this year.

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Nice. Wolverine: The Long Night was a good podcast and was even adapted into a good comic so far. The trick with it is that it doesn’t actually overuse Logan — he barely appears in the first issue, but when he does, it’s memorable. That’s how Logan should be used: sparingly.