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Logitech's Google TV Box Will Have Special Powers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The unique thing about Logitech's Google TV box—the size of a squished Apple TV, rendered in glossy black plastic—is that it'll have the full powers of Logitech's Harmony remotes and ecosystem.


The box overall is pretty standard, with the back revealing a pair of USB ports—which could've saved today's presentation—IR blasters and HDMI in an out. Logitech wasn't showing off their "input device" just yet, but we did get to see their Harmony software remote for Android, which looks pretty decent.

Indeed, Google TV's already looking a lot like Android on the phone in one sense—different manufacturers will be doing totally different things with Google TV, trying to leverage whatever they do awesomely. In Logitech's case, it's tying all of your different home theater components together seamlessly, so their Google TV box will work perfectly with everything else you have, using their Harmony software. Sony's integrating theirs with their standard Internet TV software. With everybody creating their own implementation of Google TV, we'll have to see where it winds up—hopefully in a better place than Android, in terms of fragmentation.