In addition to kissing all of their free time goodbye, new parents also have to get used to every inch of space in their home being filled with baby gear. But not their car, because the Doona is a clever car seat that features a set of retractable stroller legs and wheels so nothing has to go in the trunk—except boxes and boxes of diapers.

There are plenty of car seat strollers already on the market, but they all require you to undock the seat from the wheels which then have to be stored separately. With the Doona it's an all-in-one solution, thanks to a folding mechanism that can be operated by just one parent. And when the legs are retracted and the Doona's in car seat mode, it easily straps into any vehicle like a standard car seat would. And to protect your car's upholstery from dirty tires, optional wheel covers or a seat protector will be available alongside it.

The Doona's carrying handle, which makes it easier to lift in and out of a vehicle with a child inside, pivots and extends to become the stroller's push bar. It's all very cleverly designed, and while the Doona doesn't quite offer the ample storage of a full-sized stroller, for quick car trips who needs anything more?

Launching soon in Europe for just over $500, the Doona meets all of the European safety standards for a child's car seat. And it's expected to be available in the US—once certified here—later in the year, with a price tag, we're told, that's closer to $350 to $400. [SimpleParenting]