Magic: The Gathering is getting a Board Game

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Magic's spinning itself off from card-based tabletop shenanigans to board game ones with a new strategy game from Wizards of the Coast - and while it's pretty weird to see a Magic game without cards, it looks rather interesting.


Magic The Gathering: Strategy Board Game (WOTC say it's a WIP title, but I kinda like the simplicity of it. Magic: But board game!) will see 2-5 players do battle as different Magical Planeswakers, there heroes who you ostensibly play as when you're playing the Card Game, on a hex-based grid map that's randomly created by the players before the game begins. Although there's no cards involved, the structure of the game seems relatively similar - cast spells and summon minions as you fight off other players for control of objectives on the board. There's even Card game rule elements like flying monsters, deathtouch and first strike, so it really does sound like an almost literal translation of the Magic concept to a board game. Pretty neat!

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Although WOTC and Hasbro are keeping pretty silent about the game, so there's not much else to say for now - their announcement details were incredibly sparse, and the FAQ put out to accompany it doesn't really answer much more. However, the gang over at Board Game Geek TV nabbed an interview with the boardgame's lead designer Craig Van Ness, as well as a look at an early prototype of the game in action at Spiel 2014, so if you want to see a little more, you can do so in the video below:

Magic The Gathering: Strategy Board Game is due for release late next year.

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looks like Heroscape, which was damn expensive with all those miniatures and tiles.