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Lost: The Complete Blu-ray Collection Lightning Review

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Lost! For $195, you can own all six seasons on Blu-ray, re-living the last six years of ups and downs and sideways emotions you experienced along with the show. Oh, and there are bonus features.


I can't talk about the extra New Man in Charge feature or some of the hidden details within the packaging itself—there's a blacklight included just for the purposes of finding those secrets. But I can describe what's in the box. There's the Senet game played by you know who in Season 6, a little replica map of the island, an episode guide, a Black Rock diary entry, that blacklight and the 6 seasons worth of Blu-rays. It's up to you to dig around inside the box to find hidden stuff. (I've only discovered one so far over the weekend, so I have some exploration to do.)

What I can say is that the Blu-ray transfer is pretty great looking, even for the extra features that they filmed separately from the show. I've always maintained that watching a show on Blu-ray is the optimal way to see it, because most broadcasts—even if they're in HD—top out at 1080i. And even then, you're often getting a compressed video stream with artifacting. With Blu-ray, you get all ten-eighty of the pees.


But if you're curious as to whether or not the series is worth it, well, it is. There are some slow episodes/seasons that you can now fast forward or just skip entirely without the punishment of having to wait a week until the next one.

So if you want to go through the Lost journey again, or if you're wondering what the hell everyone was so excited about these past six years, this is it. Blu-ray. Lost. [Amazon]