Luke Cage Star Mike Colter Will Battle Evil on a New CBS Show

That’s some creepy-ass shit, Evil.
That’s some creepy-ass shit, Evil.
Photo: CBS

These days, good genre shows are usually relegated to cable networks or streaming services. Netflix, FX, Syfy, Cartoon Network, HBO, and so on. There are exceptions, of course. The Good Place and the DC shows, for example. But if history has taught us anything it’s that most of the time genre shows on network TV are kind of bland.


That’s why we’re cautiously optimistic after watching the creepy, intriguing first tease of Evil, a new CBS show from Rob and Michelle King, the team behind The Good Wife franchise. The show stars Katja Herbers (Westworld, The Leftovers) as a skeptical forensic psychologist who teams up with a priest/carpenter (played by Luke Cage himself, Mike Colter) to battle the forces of, well, you know. The opposite of good. Here’s the sneak peek.

Yes, that’s Michael Emerson in there too, bringing that Person of Interest and Lost cred along with him. So there’s certainly some potential here, especially with the science versus religion approach to the material we’ll see through Herbers’ clinical character and Colter’s spiritual one. We’re just wondering how “evil” Evil can really get on the network that brought us The Big Bang Theory.

Evil does not yet have a premiere date.

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Well, CBS did give us Elementary, so there’s a chance this won’t be a totally generic procedural.