Tourists, man. They’re the worst.

Before you get all snooty about the fact that you only take selfies with your own arm and your ass-sized iPhone 6 Plus: This is not real. Well, I mean, it’s like wink-wink real. MacBook Selfie Stick is the project of artists Moises (Art404), Yuyi John, and Tom Galle, who have built an entire site based on their creation.

We can all nervously laugh together at this now but you have to admit there is a benefit to having a selfie stick which can hold your entire computer. I mean, what if you need to get a little work done between Snaps? Or perhaps you just need that extra processing power for your YouTube show. A full-sized keyboard comes in handy for long Instagram captions. The possibilities are endless.

I want one.

[MacBook Selfie Stick via The Guardian]

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