Make a Shaken Soda Shoot Its Cap Like a Cannon Without Spilling a Drop

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You probably think there are two ways to open a well-shaken bottle of soda: the tediously slow method, and the spill-it-all-over method. Turns out there's a third way, and it's awesome. You're definitely gonna want to try this.

The built up pressure in a vigorously-shaken soda bottle has to go somewhere, and usually it brings most of the soda with it. Talk about a mess. But as YouTube's King of Random helpfully demonstrates, if you can manage to let off all that pressure in one instant, the soda doesn't have a chance to escape. It also makes a wicked cool fwuuPAAASHHH sound and sends the cap ricocheting off the ceiling. Try it at your next party — it'll literally be a blast.