Making Our Dreams Come True, Disney's Making a New Muppet Babies for 2018

Image: Disney Junior
Image: Disney Junior

Yes, the latest part of the Disney’s endless vault of franchises to get the reimagined treatment is Muppet Babies. If you didn’t immediately start singing the Muppet Babies theme song upon hearing this news, you and I have nothing in common.


The new Muppet Babies has started production and the goal appears to be an early 2018 premiere on Disney Junior. While a Disney exec said that the new version will have the “mixed animation style” that was used in the original series, 2018's Muppet Babies is supposedly CG-animated. Which I will forgive, as long as the theme song and opening are faithfully recreated:

Muppet Babies showed the baby Muppets imagining all sorts of adventures, which the show made real. Often the dreamed-up adventures were references to famous movies or TV shows—which should be real easy for Disney to do now. They own almost everything. I bet anything Gonzo wants to be Iron Man.

The reimagined Muppet Babies will have two 11-minutes adventures per episode, focusing on themes like time travel or space adventure. Whatever, I learned who Jacques Cousteau was from a Muppet Babies with “under the sea adventure” as the theme. This version better have equally weird pulls.

Keep the Muppets weird, Disney, and we won’t have a problem.


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