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This week at Uncrate: We celebrate the remaining days of summer with Leinenkugel's Explorer Pack, gear up for the DNC with some Barack Obama T-Shirts, and get cutting with the Revolution XT Tile Saw. We also jam out to Total Brutal by Austrian Death Machine, strengthen our Force powers with the Marc Ecko Star Wars T-Shirt Collection, and accessorize with some Toy Wheel & Tire Cufflinks. Finally, we sport eco-friendly style with Quiksilver's The Ray, organize the living room with the Taka Trunk, and skip the margarita mix to go straight from the bottle with Maestro Dobel Tequila.


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I don't get the Dobel Tequila? They take aged tequila's...which are aged to add color and complexity...and then filter the crap out of them to get back to a basic white tequila?! So they take out all the "good" stuff that they aging put in? Why?