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Epic battles, beer glasses, and bowling - we've got what you need with this week's best from Uncrate.

This week at Uncrate: We kick back with a tall glass of Glenfiddich 31 Year Scotch Whisky, wash it down with some crisp agua from the Charcoal Water Pitcher, and make sure we're good to drive home afterwards with DrinkTracker. We also take our weekend role play to new heights with the Peasants & Travelers Doctor Bag, take a break from our rigorous TV watching schedule to enjoy Harvard Beats Yale 29-29, and enhance our beer-drinking experience with the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Glass. Finally, we take a ride aboard the aptly-named Sachs MadAss 125, test our pretend jousting skills in the Cardboard Tube Fighting League, and roll a few rounds at the ever-so-classy Brooklyn Bowl.

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A tall glass of scotch?