Man Stuff - The Best of Uncrate


Barber shop chairs, ghostly iPhone apps, and a belt-driven watch - celebrate the anniversary of the Gregorian calendar with the week's best from Uncrate.

This week at Uncrate: We get ready for a Halloween viewing of Drag Me To Hell, take a ride on the 2010 Honda VFR 1200F, and get a little woody with Shwood Sunglasses. We also kick back in the Room & Board Juno Recliner, stay warm in the Aether Space Hoodie, and chow down with some help from Mo's Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix. Finally, we do our best Don Draper impression in the Brooks Brothers Mad Men Edition Suit, get a proper cut in the Collins Commander Barber Chair, and keep track of time in a whole new way with the Tag Heuer Monaco V4 Limited Edition.


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