Man Stuff - The Best of Uncrate

Personal hovercrafts, a CD box that plays its own tunes, and frontier-style turkeys - prepare for the Droid invasion with a look through the week's best from Uncrate.

This week at Uncrate: We do our best Will Smith impression in the Muhammad Ali Robe, enjoy the simple amusement of Herman Miller Tops, and look spiffy in Hamilton 1883 Shirts. We also get the job done with the Black & Decker Ready Wrench, take a ride in the Nürburgring-built Veritas RS III, and get our order in early for a Good Shepherd Heritage Turkey. Finally, we float around - literally - on the Air Board, jam out to the built-in speakers of the AC/DC Backtracks Deluxe Edition, and stay dry in the Converse All Star Rain Boot.


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