Man, We’ve Come a Long Way From Floppies

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This infographic makes me so glad that we came up with storage methods other than floppy disks. Imagine replacing your 2TB hard drive with 1,422,222 floppies. No thank you. Update:

Reader Drew just noticed that the artist updated the graphic. I've replaced the image. Looks like the guide inconsistencies you all noticed have been fixed, at least for the most part.


Update 2: Curtiss just wrote to tell me that version 4.0 is up, and that he's taken your feedback into account. The new image is above. [Curtiss Spontelli via fellow Gizmodian Kyle. Thanks dude!]


OK, I like the concept. Really I do. But, seriously, could they have made it any more confusing?

Stick with consistent units, folks. If you're going to use colored blocks to represent data capacity, then stick with that the whole way through. If you're going to show relative storage by referencing multiples of previous media, then stick with that. This is just a headache.

And the color scheme - wtf is up with that? Thank goodness I'm not red/green colorblind, or I'd have completely lost it.

Seriously, was this made by committee?