There's a Kegel Exerciser Designed to Give Men Taints of Steel on Kickstarter Right Now

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Wait–men do Kegels? If you’ve heard of the exercises at all, it’s as a way for women to tone up their vaginas after they’ve been stretched to the max by childbirth. Minna Life, makers of the female-oriented Kegel exerciser kGoal, thinks men should get into the habit, too.


They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign for the kGoal Boost, a mens-only, app-enabled Kegel exerciser.

Men have the same pelvic floor muscles as women, just in a different configuration–in guys, they cradle the bladder and wrap around the base of the penis. Good tone is important: some of those muscles also prevent inconvenient leaking from bladder and bowel, while others take part in ejaculation and orgasm.

The kGoal Boost looks a bit like a bicycle seat: to Kegel, men just have to sit on it and squeeze away. Sensors inside its puffy balloon center detect when the pelvic floor muscles bulge outward, which is how it tells whether a user is doing the exercises right. A wireless interface with a cellphone app lets users see how hard they’re squeezing while they’re squeezing, and will include progress and goal tracking along with exercise reminders.

And because male Kegels are as boring to do as female Kegels, the company has also developed games for the app. Games you play by squeezing your nether regions.

If their crowdfunding campaign succeeds in convincing enough guys they really need the pelvic floor feedback the kGoal Boost promises, Minna Life plans to ship the product in July of 2016.

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