MapQuest's Free iPhone App Now Does Turn-By-Turn Voice Directions

Google scared the balls off of turn-by-turn navigation companies when it released its free nav app for Android, largely because an iPhone version seemed inevitable. Well, it's still not here. But MapQuest's free voice navigation is!


To be clear, this is an update to the MapQuest 4 Mobile app, not a price slash on the company's more mature MapQuest Navigator app, which has been spitting out voice directions since late last year. In other words, this is a top-down mapping app that happens to do voice directions, not a full-fledged, street-level-view navigation app like a TomTom or a Navigon.

But still, turn-by-turn navigation still works pretty well from a top-down view, and honestly, the voice directions are often all you need. And this app is free, no strings attached. [iTunes via Mashable]

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