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Marvel Finally Reveals New Details About Its Post-Secret Wars Universe

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Most of Marvel Comics’ attention right now is on their ongoing gigantic Secret Wars event. We’ve known what’s ending, but what about what happens after? At last weekend’s Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, the company lifted the lid on a few of the things that will happen when the dust settles later this year.


Some of the confirmations were things fans had expected, such as the news that characters from the universes destroyed during the cataclysmic event that is currently annihilating many of Marvel’s former alternate realities will find a home in the new Marvel universe (many fans already gathered from the recent revelation that Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales will become a member of a new Avengers team).

But Marvel also revealed that versions of the characters created for the event — like Maestro, a future evil version of the Hulk appearing in the companies reboot of the Future Imperfect storyline, or the all-female Avengers team A-Force — will cross over from the event, and with them, the Battleworld that Secret Wars takes place on. So essentially, a mashed-up version of the former alternate realities of Marvel Comics will somehow co-exist alongside whatever new reality is created for Marvel Comics to exist in after the event. Is your head hurting yet? Mine is.


To top it all off, Marvel also announced that when Secret Wars does come to a close, the comics won’t pick up immediately after the fallout: the “new” Marvel universe and the host of comics that will accompany it will skip forward eight months, with whatever new status quo firmly established beforehand. Despite these reveals however, how close to the new status quo is to the old one really remains to be seen.

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