You've got to watch this: a Russian site has obtained the first ten minutes of the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie. It's quite blurry but holy mother of Spock!—what a ride.

Update: We got a cease and desist order, so we are taking the clip down. Here are some captured from the clip, so you get the idea.

It seems to be the 3D preview shown at the beginning of the midnight IMAX showing of the Hobbit on December 14th. The video contains the first nine and a half minutes, plus assorted sequences. Someone apparently snuck a camera into the theater and recorded the whole thing without being detected. That doesn't happen much these days.

In it you can see the villain, presumably Gary Mitchell, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Then it switches to an Indiana Jones-ish scene in which some aliens are chasing Kirk and Bones through a fuchsia forest. Things start getting complicated after that, with a cliffhanger in which Spock is left in the middle of an active volcano.

It looks like the movie is going to be awesome—is it May 17th yet? [Yandex]