McDonald's Created a Grease-Proof Gaming Chair

The chair comes equipped with a french fry holster, dedicated dip holders, a burger “heat zone,” and grease proof leather.

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Screenshot: McDonald’s

It was only a matter of time, really.

For years, gamers have hurled expletives, shed tears of rage, and cursed their cruel Gods for each and every french fry, potato chip, or other salted finger food tragically lost to the dark depths of a bedroom or living room amid bouts of extreme gaming enlightenment. Now, thankfully, McDonald’s, the brand that brought the world the McStuffins and this terrifying Ronald McDonald glove puppet, have taken fast food merch to its logical conclusion.

Behold, the new McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair.


McDonald’s revealed its Great Golden Throne this week as part of a prize giveaway tied to the launch of its new McCrispy chicken sandwich in the United Kingdom. The sandwich, of course, looks repulsive, but the throne is anything but. The ergonomic, plush looking chair comes equipped with dual side trays, one perfectly form fitted to hold a box of large golden McDonald’s fries and the other serving as burger “heat zone” to keep sandwiches warm and, one hopes, salmonella-free for the duration of the gaming session. The fry holder side of the chair also has twin slots carved out to hold a pair of dipping sauces. Drink and napkin holders are included as well.

One might wonder how anyone could justify debasing such an elegant work of craftsmanship with a vulgar act as animalistic as eating fast food. Again, McDonald’s has a solution. The McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair comes with a stain proof leather treatment and a subtly branded towel, so gamers can rest assured their thrones will endure sweaty sessions and greasy fingers. A small black pillow attached to the headrest means the chair could also potentially function as a bed sleeping arrangement in a pinch.


The terms and conditions of the giveaway list a single gaming chair available to win. McDonald’s didn’t provide any details on who designed and developed the chair or whether or not they planned to make more of them in the future. McDonald’s did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.