MedSnap ID for iOS: Identify Pills & Potential Interactions In 1 Photo

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For some people, taking up to 12 different medications a day has become the unfortunate norm. And when you add another one into that already complicated heap, it isn't always easy to identify the potentially harmful interactions in your own personal prescription cocktail. MedSnap hopes to simplify that problem by both identifying your pills and their potential interactions all through one, simple snapped photograph.

What does it do?

Simply place your various pill doses on the accompanying surface platform, line it up and snap a photo within the app, and the device will work with the app to scan your medications and give you all the info you need to know: which medications are present, how to take them, and the potential interactions you might be faced with.


Why do we like it?

The entire app's database has been crowdsourced from other health professionals. By giving free copies to pharmacists and doctors across the country, they've acquired a large database of medications that's continually growing, making sure you have the newest and most up-to-date information on your meds possible. Plus, the app itself is equally convenient for patients and professionals. Oftentimes patients may come to doctors with various pills they've found and can't identify, and this saves considerable time by analyzing a large amount of pills at once. And for patients taking multiple prescriptions, this app could help them identify an interaction that a pharmacist might easily miss or overlook. This way, you can track your medications and make sure you're taking the right ones.

One major drawback here, at least for some, might be the price. A surface platform (which the app requires) will cost about $20, and the app's yearly licensing fee is around $70. But if you're someone who does often take multiple prescriptions, that could be worth it—and even end up saving you some much higher doctor bills in the longrun.

MedSnap ID, Download this app for: iOS, Free to download, $70 annual license fee

The Best: Identifies multiple meds at once

The Worst: No free/trial option


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....oh man, now the NSA, NSB, DMV, PBS, NYPD, SUV, CSI and snowden will know meds i take with this app!
Big Brother's watching you!! (I hope Elissa wins)