Meet The Big-Screen Miles Morales in First Trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Image: Screenshot, trailer by Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Image: Screenshot, trailer by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Today, Sony has debuted the first trailer for Lord and Miller’s animated Spider-Man film, starring Miles Morales and very possibly some other Spider heroes along the way.


Into the Spider Verse will be in theaters Christmas 2018, and will star Miles Morales in what the promo material is calling a “fresh vision of a different Spider-Man universe.” The elegant visual design of the trailer, with its realistic CGI environments and wiry, acrobatic Miles Morales, certainly feels fresh. The trailer doesn’t contain much except for a showcase of Miles being an excellent young Spider-Man, though it continues Black Panther’s fine tradition of soundtracking Marvel trailers with Vince Staples.

The film will star Shameik Moore as the voice of Miles Morales, with Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali (Moonlight) voicing his father, Jefferson Davis, and actor Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) voicing Miles’s uncle, Aaron Davis, aka The Prowler.

Watch the trailer below. This is officially the Marvel movie I’m most excited for.

UPDATE: Added some casting details above.


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Oh my god, this is GORGEOUS. It’s like Studio Laika physics meets Superjail!’s colorscape.