MI5 Firing Non-Techie Spies Who Don't Know How To Tweet

Illustration for article titled MI5 Firing Non-Techie Spies Who Don't Know How To Tweet

Not every MI5 agent can be as tech-savvy as James Bond's Q was, but the security service is demanding that they can at least switch on a PC, making redundancies based on computer literacy.


With terrorists now using the internet to warn of attacks—and upload videos showing their weaponry/beheading/goats—it's become vital that MI5 agents can search for relevant baddies on Twitter and Facebook. Now they're apparently seeking new recruits well-versed in tweeting, poking and Googling. Start preparing your resumes. [Daily Mail]



"Making redundancies" is easily my favorite euphemism for "firing people." I mean, it's just so delightfully passive-aggressive.

"No, not at all, you haven't been fired, see? All we did was redistribute all of your responsibilities to other people, and we reallocated your paycheck back to ourselves! You'd be perfectly welcome to stay, but you see... you're redundant."

That, and it's always reminded me of "making water," which is also my favorite stupid euphemism for taking a piss.

(Yes, apparently I have multiple favorite euphemisms.)