Microsoft Will Give You $200 For Your Aging Laptop—Or $300 If It's a Mac

If you’re considering buying a new Windows 10 laptop, Microsoft has just announced a promotion that might push you over the edge: when you buy a new computer, it’ll give you $200 if you hand over your current Windows laptop, or $300 if it’s a MacBook.

The deal, called Easy Trade Up, will see Microsoft hand over the cash given a few conditions. You have to buy a qualifying computer costing over $600 from the Microsoft Store before October 20th; then, the company will give you a rebate when you send your old laptop to them.


The laptop you send can’t be too bad either: it has to be under six years old, with a minimum screen size of 11.6 inches, and it also has to actually work. The offer’s available in the US, UK, Canada, India, Brazil, France, Germany, and Taiwan.

You might not get as much for your computer as if you sold it privately, but it’s likely way more convenient if you’re lazy. Go see what you can get.

[Microsoft via VentureBeat via Verge]

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