Microsoft's Awesome Photo-Sharing App Just Got Even Better

Microsoft's Xim is an awesome way to share photos across devices, no matter whether you're on Android or iOS or even Windows Phone. Now it's getting even better. The newest update to Microsoft Xim adds Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Xbox One, and web browsers to the mix. That means you can share photos from virtual any mobile device to virtually any TV. That's awesome.


Xim doesn't use account names, instead working off mobile numbers, so when you're streaming to the TV, you have to have the app up on your phone and throw it up to the TV from there. Still, this has got to be the most seamless, cross-platform photo-sharing app we've ever seen, and it's great to see it coming from Microsoft. Here's to hoping there's more of this in store!

You can read more about how Xim works on phones, below. [Microsoft via The Verge]