Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter Makes Your TV a Second Screen

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Everyone knows of Google's successful Chromecast dongle, and the amount of imitators and competitors for USB-powered streaming supremacy are steadily climbing. Roku revealed its own Streaming Stick earlier this year and now Microsoft will be releasing its Wireless Display Adapter in late October.

Now available for pre-order, Microsoft's take on the pint-sized streaming craze is different from Chromecast in at least one key way: It doesn't require a Wi-Fi connection. Instead, the adapter runs off Miracast technology, which means that Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter will work a lot better in a hotel room that a Chromecast might. Just plug in and go.


The small dongle can either mirror your screen to a TV, or turn the TV into an additional display, but there is a little lag. For example, we tested out its streaming powers by playing the endlessly addictive Jetpack Joyride and there was delay, but adjusting to the slight hiccup wasn't too difficult.

The biggest problem with the dongle actually might be its price. At $60, almost double the cost of a Chromecast and is even a bit more expensive than the Roku. It would seem the search continues to find someone to match Google and performance and price.