Momofuku's Interactive Ramen App May Be the Most Delicious iPad App Ever

Illustration for article titled Momofukus Interactive Ramen App May Be the Most Delicious iPad App Ever

David Chang's Momofuku restaurants are the unofficial official eateries of Gizmodo. We love pork, oysters, fat, salt, noodles and cookies. The Momofuku cookbook is one of our bibles. Now, there's going to be a Momofuku app, and it sounds delicious.


The app, Lucky Peach, is going to be a quarterly release, headed by Chang and Momofuku cookbook co-author (and excellent NYT food writer) Peter Meehan. It'll have a companion print journal too, published by McSweeney's.


The first edition will have an "interactive" bowl of ramen—clicking around the ingredients will reveal "35 videos, 50 recipes, graphics and other elements," according to the NYT's Diners Journal. Some of the features include a Japanese ramen factory tour, interviews with the dude who supplies Momofuku's pork, and science-y bits from Harvard and writer Harold McGee (the dude who coined the term "molecular gastronomy").

This is exactly the kind of app that makes us excited about the future of digital publishing, in spite of all of the crap that's currently out there. And books about food are basically the perfect specimens for the full digital treatment with graphics, videos and interactive stuff. I mean, Interactive ramen, come on. [Diners Journal, Image: FotoosVanRobin/Flickr, CC-licensed]

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